10 Best Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners That Pay $25 Per Hour

Proofreading is an expertise that will constantly be popular because no product or computerized cycle can trade the human knowledge vital for this undertaking. People and organizations, from little work area distributors and bloggers to huge promoting organizations and media partnerships, reliably require the administrations of editors.

This creates an astounding freedom for those with the vital abilities to investigate independent editing positions. Working web-based in this limit can give a compensation that meets or surpasses what one would commonly procure working in an office.

Assuming you accept you can succeed as an editor, even without related knowledge, here is my rundown of the 10 best and most genuine web-based editing positions that offer a compensation pace of something like $25 each hour.

Online Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading Jobs Online for Beginners

Whether you’re starting as a side hustle or a mainstay for income, these 10 places provide the best jobs where you can make at least $25 per hour. You can easily find proofreading jobs from home no experience.

1- JournalismJobs.com

JournalismJobs.com is a top platform where newspapers and media houses across the USA and the world post their online proofreading jobs. These are often full-time positions. Creating an account is free, and you can apply for online jobs without any charges.

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2- Upwork.com

Upwork.com is a popular freelancing platform worldwide. It connects freelancers with employers and ensures payment security. Although it’s free to sign up, Upwork charges a percentage of your income, ranging from 20% to 5%, depending on your earnings.

3- FlexJobs.com

FlexJobs.com is a global marketplace connecting buyers with various talents, including online proofreading jobs paying over $25 per hour. To access these opportunities, freelancers need to buy a FlexJobs.com subscription, priced at $14.95 per month, $29.95 for three months, or $49.95 annually.

4- Fiverr/Fiverr Pro

Fiverr and Fiverr Pro offer online proofreading jobs. Starting at a basic fee of $5 per task on Fiverr, freelancers can upgrade to Fiverr Pro based on their performance. Keep in mind that both services charge a 20% commission on your earnings. You can earn part-time proofreading jobs from home and earn for yourself.

5- Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble, a renowned bookstore, occasionally hires freelance and part-time proofreaders. Creating a free career account with Barnes & Noble allows you to receive alerts about proofreading jobs.

6- Clickworkers.com

Clickworkers.com pays online editers 1.3 cents per word, providing lucrative opportunities. Freelancers can download the app, create a profile, and wait for tasks. Clickworkers.com charges buyers for Self Service and Managed Service packs. This website is for you if you need an entry level proofreading jobs.

7- Scribbr.com

Scribbr.com, a Dutch company, offers online proofreading and editing services globally. You can apply for jobs on their website, with competitive pay. Passing an online test may be required.

8- Wordy.com

UK-based Wordy.com pays over $20 per hour for online proofreading work. They charge $0.036 per word. Registration is free for native English speakers, and you can enhance your earnings with specialized skills. This website is a little bit for intermediate, who are finding for proofreading jobs remote no experience.

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9- Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House, a UK-based publishing giant, hires entry-level online proofreaders in America. Working for them is prestigious, and they offer competitive pay for proofreading jobs.

10- Scribendi.com

Scribendi.com, claiming to be the world’s largest community of online editors and proofreaders, serves various clients. They pay more than $20 per hour for this work. To qualify, you’ll need to pass a quick online test.

These platforms provide diverse opportunities for online proofreading jobs, catering to different preferences and skill sets.

More Online Jobs Like this

There are countless such websites where you’ll find proofreading jobs from home no experience part-time. The ones that I’ve listed rank as some of the prestigious places to work as an online proofreader.

Generally, most organizations won’t specifically state they need online proofreaders.

Nowadays, they advertise for online editors, because the job can also involve a bit of rewriting and correction as well as checks for factual errors. You could also ask for online jobs with local publishers and news outlets.


Take free online proofreading tests to understand your level of skills and fine-tune them before applying to any of these websites. Online proofreading is a very enjoyable job. If you have the right skills, you can make a lot of money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are online proofreading jobs legit?

Yes, online proofreading jobs are legitimate. Many reputable platforms offer genuine opportunities for individuals with proofreading skills to work online and earn a steady income.

Where can I get editing and proofreading jobs online?

Do online proofreading jobs pay a lot?

The pay for online proofreading jobs can vary. Some platforms offer competitive rates, especially if you have specialized skills or experience. Websites like Scribendi, Wordy, and FlexJobs may pay more than $20 per hour for proofreading work. However, it’s essential to consider factors like your qualifications, the complexity of the tasks, and the platform’s payment structure when evaluating the pay for online proofreading jobs.

Where can I get editing and proofreading jobs online?

You can find online editing and proofreading jobs on platforms such as Upwork, FlexJobs, Fiverr, and specialized websites like Scribendi.com, Wordy.com, and Scribbr.com. Additionally, companies like Penguin Random House and Barnes & Noble often offer such opportunities. Explore these platforms to discover various online job opportunities in editing and proofreading.