Air Fryer frozen crinkle fries are so quick and easy to cook. You’ll love the crispy edges and soft centers of the crinkle-cut fries.

You can air fry frozen crinkle-cut fries without any extra oil! Just go straight from the freezer to the air fryer and cook. No oil spray is needed.
It’s that easy and just remember that there are many different sizes and thicknesses of crinkle-cut fries. So after making your first batch, you’ll know how long you want to cook for your perfect personal batch. We tested so many different brands and they all turn out good. Some brands have their frozen crinkle-cut fries seasoned already, so those will cook a little darker. All the cooking times seem to be the same. The only factor that changes cooking time is how thick they are.
Cook in an even layer and don’t overfill the air fryer basket/tray. They will cook more evenly if they aren’t piled too thick on top of each other. It is better to air fry in a couple of batches if you want a lot of fries.

About Time 

  • Prep Time  2 mins
  • Cook Time 12  mins
  • Total Time 14  minsIngredients
    • 1 lb. (454 g) Frozen crinkle cut fries
    • salt , to taste
    • black pepper , to tasteInstructions
      1. Place the frozen crinkle fries in the air fryer basket and spread out evenly. No oil spray is needed for the fries. It’s already been deep fried in oil, so that’s enough to air fry.
      2. Air Fry at 400°F/205°C for 10-14 minutes. Shake and gently stir about halfway through cooking. If cooking larger batches, or if your fries don’t cook evenly, try turning them multiple times on following batches.
      3. Want the fries crisper? If needed air fry for an additional 1-3 minutes or until crisped to your liking. Season with salt & pepper, if desired.

        Amount Per Serving

        CALORIES: 37

        • TOTAL FAT: 3g
        • SATURATED FAT: 0g
        • TRANS FAT: 0g
        • UNSATURATED FAT: 1g
        • CHOLESTEROL: 0mg
        • SODIUM: 26mg
        • CARBOHYDRATES: 3g
        • FIBER: 0g
        • SUGAR: 1g
        • PROTEIN: 0g
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