Air Fryer Hazelnut Sourdough Cruffins

This made a real, good treat for my weekend breakfast. It was assembled the evening before and left overnight in the fridge to develop. An early morning bake ushered in a delicious start to my weekend.

A quick way of making the laminated dough (layers of real butter and yeast dough) makes the process fast and enjoyable.

Cruffin = Crossiant + Muffin

The bake had a buttery shattering crust that gave way to a moist and tender crumb, layered with hazelnut goodness.

About Time 

Table of Contents

  • Prep Time  30 mins
  • Cook Time 20  mins
  • Total Time  50 minsIngredients


    • 300g bread flour
    • 120g levain
    • 108g water
    • 72g milk
    • 42g brown sugar
    • 6g salt

    Butter mixture

    • 144g butter, cold (use butter with high butter fat content 82% or above. I used Danish butter)
    • 2 Tbsp all purpose flour

    Hazelnut sugar

    • 52g hazelnut, roasted
    • 150g sugarInstructions
      1. One day before making, mix the dough ingredients; bread flour, levain, water, milk, brown sugar, and salt, in a mixer with the dough hook attachment, till the dough is uniform and pull it away from the side of the mixing bowl which takes about 5 – 8 minutes. Cover the dough and let it rest overnight or at least 8 hours, in the fridge before going on to the next step.
      2. The next morning, remove the dough from the fridge to let it warm up a little while you get ready the butter mixture and hazelnut sugar.
      3. In a mixing bowl, mix the cold butter and all-purpose flour until it reaches a whipped cream cheese consistency. Keep the butter mixture cool but not cold as we need it to be spreadable but not oily and melting. The idea is for it to be the same consistency as the dough. Set aside.
      4. In a food processor, grind the sugar and hazelnut into a fine, sandy consistency but do not over-grind as we are not looking to make hazelnut butter. Set aside.
      5. Scrape the dough from the mixing bowl onto a generously floured working surface. Pat the dough 33 cm long x 25 cm wide rectangle. Flour the surface of the dough to prevent it from sticking to the rolling pin.
      6. With a floured rolling pin, work from the center of the dough to the ends and roll the dough to a length of 84 cm long but keeping the width at 25 cm.
      7. Spread the butter mixture evenly on the surface of the dough. Make small markings at the long edge of the dough at every 14 cm (dividing the dough into 6 equal rectangles), this will be the markings at which you will fold the dough over itself. Pick up one end of the dough and fold as neatly as you can to the first 14 cm marking. Then repeat the process until the whole dough forms a 25 cm long and 14 cm wide rectangle.
      8. Pinch to seal the dough on both ends of the 14 cm width. This will seal the butter in the dough.
      9. Turn the dough 90 degrees and roll the dough out now to 14 cm wide and 84 cm long. Flour the surface as well as the dough as you roll it out. Roll from the center of the dough to the ends. You will notice there is trapped air in the dough. This makes rolling the dough out a little challenging. Use a wooden skewer to pierce the dough as this will allow the trapped air in the dough to be released making the task a little easier. Remember to dust the surface and under the dough with flour to prevent sticking. If the surface layer of the dough tears, the butter will leak and making the whole process very messy.
      10. Fold the dough again at every 14 cm interval and you will get a 14 cm x 14 cm square dough.
      11. Wrap the dough and chill it for at least 2 hours or overnight.
      12. After 2 hours of chilling, on a floured surface, roll the square dough into a 25 cm x 28 cm rectangle.
      13. Sprinkle 4 tablespoons of the hazelnut sugar on the surface of the dough and roll the dough over itself lengthwise into a log. Using a knife ( I used a thick thread or clean dental floss), cut 4 cm thick pieces which will give you a total of 8 pieces.
      14. Place the pieces cut side up into a regular muffin tin. Once filled, cover the dough with a damp towel and let it sit for 2 – 3 hours in a cool place until it doubled in size.
      15.  Bake in the Air fryer for 15 to 17 minutes at 325°F,  until golden brown. If they are browning too fast on the top, tent with foil.
      16. Once they are out of the Air fryer, let them cool for 5 minutes and then remove them and dust them with more of the hazelnut sugar.
      17. Serve warm or at room temperature.

        Amount Per Serving

        CALORIES: 37

        • TOTAL FAT: 3g
        • SATURATED FAT: 0g
        • TRANS FAT: 0g
        • UNSATURATED FAT: 1g
        • CHOLESTEROL: 0mg
        • SODIUM: 26mg
        • CARBOHYDRATES: 3g
        • FIBER: 0g
        • SUGAR: 1g
        • PROTEIN: 0g
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