Discover the Art of Hand-Rolled Crispy Pastries: A Timeless Recipe


Savour the artistry of handcrafted Crispy Pastries: a timeless recipe.
Have you ever wanted a crispy, golden pastry that melts in your tongue with every mouthful? Come explore the magic of handcrafted crispy pastries, a gourmet adventure combining simple flavor with minimalistic design.

Ingress list of components

gather these fundamental but essential tools to start your journey in pastry-making:

Two cup of water

Two Eggs
Spread one yolk from egg.
5.5 teaspoons of flour; one teaspoon of salt
125 grammes of margared or bovine butter
Two hundred grammes of bovine cheese

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In a bowl, mix the water and eggs; next, softly stir the sieved flour and salt. Till the components come together to form a single, well-integrated dough, blend them. Work the dough by hand until it becomes smooth and stops clinging to your hands or the bowl.
Divide the dough in two exact halves and flatten each of them into thin crusts. After equally spreading softened butter or margarine over the top, fold the dough like an envelope. Fold again, taking careful to spread butter between each fold until you have a firmly compacted rectangle. Give the dough one hour of chill-down.
Establishing the Filling
Flattening the dough into a big rectangle, split it into square form. Break up the cheese and center each square with it.

Tightly seal the edges by surrounding the cheese with the dough pieces under great pressure. Arrange the pastries on a parchment paper lined baking dish.
oven cooking for food
To create a golden look, whisk the egg yolk then equally put it to every pastry. Bake until they become a golden brown, 20 to 25 minutes in an oven set to 200 degrees Celsius.

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Present the crispy pastries warm so that the mouthwatering aroma will awaken your senses. Match your favorite drink and enjoy every crispy, cheesy bite.
Finally, hand-rolled crispy pastries are a sign of history, talent, and the satisfaction gained from valuing simple pleasures as well as a culinary recipe. Accept the skill of pastry-making and enjoy the delight of producing something very unique.

Enjoy !